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Ensure you get the correct roll & Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure your paper roll diagram

How to measure your roll:

All our rolls are measured Width x Diameter x Core (internal measurement).If there is no plastic or cardboard core these are known as coreless rolls & typically will have a centre hole of approximately 8mm diameter.

1 ply paper roll2 ply paper roll3 ply paper roll

What Paper do I need?

Whilst there are many paper specifications there are 4 main types of paper used for roll products. These are:

  • Thermal
  • Self Contained
  • Carbonless
  • Single Ply

Below is a brief explanation of each paper type:

Thermal Paper

This paper type is used in many modern printers for applications as varied as Chip & Pin to Industrial & Gaming rolls.

The first thing you will notice about rolls using this paper type is that they are one ply (see above diagram) & the paper has a smooth ‘shiny’ surface. Whilst thermal paper rolls are available in colours they are generally of a bright white appearance.

Thermal paper is coated with a special heat sensitive coating which reacts to the heated thermal print head in the printer mechanism. To recognize thermal paper simply run your finger nail across the surface & the heat generated by the friction will form a black image.

To ensure longevity of your print head & optimum print image on your thermal paper roll it is very important to ensure you use high quality thermal paper.Allrol Solutions Ltd only use the best quality papers which mean that you can be assured of the highest quality at all times.

Self Contained Paper

Often described as Action or Impact paper this paper type has primarily been supplied for rolls using two or three ply’s of paper but more recently has been widely adapted to be used as a single ply impact roll for Chip & Pin systems.

This paper type is coated with a special formulation of micro capsules that create an image when pressure is applied by the printer mechanism effectively bursting the capsules. With this paper no ribbons are required in the printer to achieve an image on any of the copies.

These rolls can often look ‘dirty’ or ‘marked’ on the outside which is caused by excess pressure on the capsules. Unlike some products, self contained rolls from Allrol have minimal marking & as such provide a much clearer image.

Carbonless Paper

Often confused with self contained paper rolls this paper type is very similar & is primarily used for rolls needing two or three ply’s of paper. It is coated with a special formulation of micro capsules that are applied to either the front or back of the paper or in the case of three ply rolls the second copy is coated on both sides.

To achieve an image on the top copy there must be a ribbon in the printer mechanism.

Single Ply Paper

There are many grades of paper that can be described under this heading but generally speaking ‘A’ grade & economy TMP are the two primary qualities used within paper roll manufacturing.

The primary difference between these two grades is that ‘A’ grade is a much brighter & whiter paper with economy grades being slightly off white


Frequently asked questions

Does quality really matter for a paper roll?
Yes. Failure to use approved papers may result in printer warranties being invalidated and deteriation in image quality. Use of low quality papers can result in excess dust generation which could result in printer jamming and can also dramatically reduce the life of any ribbons or rollers where used. Some papers types may result in there being up to 20% less paper on a roll meaning that you buy 20% more rolls than necessary.
(scroll down to see ‘How to Buy Fewer Rolls’)

Does roll size matter?
Yes. Always ensure you obtain the correct roll width as rolls that are too wide or too large a diameter will not work. Always ensure that you use the maximum diameter suitable for your printer as whilst smaller rolls will normally fit you will get less transactions per roll & need to change them more frequently & buy more.

Can I reduce the curling of the paper?
Excess paper curling is most evident towards the end of the roll particularly when using a very small core. Whilst there will always be a degree of curling the use of high quality papers will keep this to a minimum.

Is the core size important?
In some printers a spindle or driver is inserted into the core to feed the paper forward. In this instance the core size is critical as the printer will not work with the wrong size core. In many other printer terminals the roll simply sits in a cradle or well & whilst the core is not important to the performance of the printer it does mean that the use of unnecessarily large cores results in less paper.
(scroll down to see ‘How to Buy Fewer Rolls’)

Why am I buying more rolls than I used to?
A. There could be many reasons but the most common are that the software has been programmed to print your name or advertising messages making each output receipt longer or your system has recently been upgraded to address the improved security requirements of Chip & Pin. Alternatively it could be that you are simply making more transactions. It could also be that the rolls you are using do not have as much paper on them as they should.
(scroll down to see ‘How to Buy Fewer Rolls’)

Q.What two ply thermal roll do I need?
A. There is much confusion between thermal paper & two ply paper due to a general misunderstanding of the term ‘coated papers’ (see ‘what paper do I need’). For most applications thermal paper is NOT supplied as a two ply roll & you will most likely need a self contained or carbonless paper roll.

Can I use other paper types in my thermal printer?
No. Only thermal paper rolls can be used in thermal printers.

How to buy fewer rolls

  1. Check your printer manual for roll size & make sure that you specify the optimum roll diameter for your printer & ask what the estimated roll length is for that diameter.
  2. Make sure that the roll diameter ordered is what you receive as it is not uncommon for some companies to supply them undersize.
  3. Check if core size is essential to the printer operation (see ‘is the core size important’).If it’s not check the internal dimension of the core which should be no more than 12.7mm internal diameter.
  4. For hand held portable thermal printers select Allrol high yield coreless rolls which have up to 40% more paper per roll (available in 57x30mm & 57x26mm thermal paper).
  5. Take the Allrol challenge & send us an unused sample roll from your existing supplier for cost saving recommendation & your local Allrol stockist.

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